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homeopathic medicine for acidity indigestion gas


homeopathic medicine for acidity indigestion gas

Acidity can also refer to acidity in the stomach.

Hyperacidity means that there is an excessive amount of stomach acid. Hypo-acidity (less acid formation).

Hyperchlorhydria (excessive hydrochloric Acid formed in the stomach juice, or gastric juice) is characterized by a pale-green colour.

Acidity is generally caused by excessive consumption of hot spices, highly seasoned food, fatty food, and tea. It can also be due to gastric problems after drinking alcoholic beverages. Acidity is characterized by acidity, which can include sour eructations. Heart burn. Sour rising. Free acid in the stomach causes headaches. It also causes restlessness, anxiety and burning in the chest. All these symptoms are relieved after the stomach has expunged the acid. Flatulent dyspepsia is characterized by loose or constipated stool, flatulent dyspepsia and burning sensations at the "pit of the stomach", great abdominal distention following meals that are very weak, debility, and mental depression.

Primary Remedies
Carbo vegetabilis

This remedy will relieve gastritis and bloating.

Natrum carbonicum
This can help mild people who have difficulty digesting many foods or have to eat restricted diets. If offending foods were eaten, they can lead to heartburn, ulcers, and indigestible symptoms. Flatulence can result from milk and dairy products, which can cause a feeling of empty stomach. Flatulence and sputtery diarrhea are common. People who have a sweet tooth will crave potatoes and sweets.


This remedy helps relieve discomfort and indigestion.
This helps to alleviate gastric discomfort due to eating too much fatty foods, cakes and ice-cream, which can cause bloating and belching as well as slow digestion.

Nux vomica

This homeopathic remedy helps relieve nausea and cramps associated with indigestion.

Other Remedies

Antimonium crucidum
This can be used to reduce indigestion due to eating too much, especially rich and acidic foods or cured beef. The abdomen can be relieved by heating it.

Arsenicum Album

The remedy can be used if the person is anxious, restless, and tired. It may also be helpful if they are irritable by the sight and smell of food. A burning sensation is felt in the stomach, esophagus and throat. It can be alleviated often by warming up and standing up. There are two possible symptoms: vomiting and diarrhea. This remedy can be used to treat upsets from eating too many fruits or spoiled foods.


If this remedy is used, your stomach will feel heavy with rising acidity, a bitter taste, or both. The most severe side effects of motion are nausea and pain. People may feel dry and thirsty, which can lead to more discomfort. It is recommended that a person who is unhappy and grumpy wants to remain still, and not be touched or spoken to, use Bryonia.

Cinchona Officinalis

This remedy helps relieve bloating, gas and nausea. It can also be used for diarrhea, which is sometimes accompanied by painless but exhausting vomiting.


This helps relieve abdominal cramps.

Magnesia phosphorica
This remedy can relieve abdominal cramps.

Natrum phosphoricum
You can find these symptoms by having a sour or burning taste in your mouth, acidic stomach sensations, sour vomit, regurgitated food, yellow tongue coating and a burning sensation in the stomach. This could be due to excessive sugar consumption or dairy products. Natrum Phos can also be indicated by a craving for fried egg.

You may feel a burning sensation in your stomach when you eat ice cream, or other cold, refreshing foods. This person will feel thirsty for cold liquids, but may also feel nauseated or vomiting if the liquids heat up. People who take phosphate can have an inclination to easy bleeding, and may develop stomach ulcers.

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