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drdo developed anti covid drugs 2dg for emergency use


drdo developed anti covid drugs 2dg for emergency use

DCGI approves DRDO-developed anti-COVID drug for emergency use

A coronavirus treatment drug, developed by the DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization), has been approved for use by paramedics in the country as India battles the second wave of the epidemic that kills thousands every day.

The drug comes in powder form in a bag and is taken by ****** by dissolving it in water.

The DRDO lab and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories based in Hyderabad have developed a Covid anti-Covid treatment drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG).

The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) has removed the drug after clinical tests have shown that the molecule present in the drug facilitates the rapid recovery of patients in hospitals and reduces dependence on oxygen supplementation.

A higher number of drug-treated patients tested non-Covid in RT-PCR trials.

In a second phase of testing between May and October last year, the drug was found to be safe for COVID-19 patients and showed significant improvement in their recovery. The second round was performed on 110 patients. While the third round of tests was conducted in six hospitals, an “average” was performed in 11 hospitals across India.

Great international aid was coming in as India reported a shortage of essential medicines, medical oxygen and other necessities for Covid patients after a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 cases that crippled the country's health system.
India on Saturday recorded 4,187 coronavirus deaths, the highest number to date, as more and more states have put up a hard-fought effort to stop the new practice. A new infection of more than 4.01 lakh forced the total number of cases to exceed 2.18 crore.


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