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causticum 200 homeopathy uses


causticum 200 homeopathy uses

Mind and attitude
 Melancholy, peevish.
 She is calm, with terrible anxiety, day and night.
 Anger attack, with scolding.
 She's scared at night (in a dark room; the baby doesn't want to sleep alone.)
 Expertise, by feeling the weakness in the head.
 Sewing in temples.
 Tightness and firmness of the head, as well as the scalp (forehead and temples.)
 Congestion in the head, with a roar in the head and ears.
 Unwillingly nod your head while writing.
 The eyes
 Pressure in the eyes, as if there is sand in them.
 Eye contact (morning.)
 Swelling of the eyes, burning and itching of the eyes and eyelids.
 Old warts; on eye-brows; on the cover of the upper eye (nose.)
 Movement in front of the eyes, like a swarm of insects.
 Blurred vision, as if there were a heavy mist before the eyes.
 Whisper and thunder in the ear and head.
 Spasmodic pain in the ear, as if internal organs are compressed.
 Ear texture (right).
 Painful swelling of the outer ear.
 Feeling blocked in the ears.
 Spoken words and steps come back to the ear.
 It cries
 Acne on the tip of the nose.
 Old warts on the nose (streaks, upper eyelids.)
 Itchy nose, and nose.

 Coryza, with a sigh, blocked the noisy speech.
 Continuous dry coryza, with obstruction of both nostrils.
 Yellow face, (temples.)
 Spasmodic sensation of the lips.
 Feelings of tightness and pain in the jaws, make it very difficult to open your mouth, or eat.

 Arthritic pain in the lower jaw.
 Semi-lateral facial paralysis.
 A facial flush.
 The teeth are tightly connected, (incisors.)
 Sewing on teeth.
 Gums suppurating, (dental fistula.)
 Mouth and throat
 Swelling of the inner side of the cheek; he bites it as he chews.
 Dry mouth and tongue.
 Collection of large amounts of mucus in the mouth and in the crowd.
 Non-speaking due to language impairment.

 Language and oral distortion when spoken.
 I stutter, a difficult, incomprehensible speech.
 Dry throat, without dryness.
 A common condition of swallowing, (pain as if a tumor is in the throat.)
 Sound cracking in the throat.
 Feeling like something cold coming up my throat.
 Food and taste
 Contradicting the fun stuff.
 An oily taste in the mouth.
 Violent thirst, (cold drinks.)
 Fresh meat causes nausea; smoked meat agrees.
 Stomach and stomach

 Violent separation of the stomach after meals, (breakfast.)
 Sour vomiting, which often follows a sour rash.
 Colic, with fever on the head, is cold throughout the body; better when you are lying on the floor.
 Swollen stomach in children.
 Painful swelling of the navel.

 Clothes suppress hypochondria painfully.
 The texture of the liver.
 Stool and anus
 Constipation; painful, fruitless scratch on the heel, with discomfort and redness of the face.
 The sturdy, sturdy chair, covered with mucus, shines as if anointed.
 This seat is designed to be very small.

 Diarrhea, with tenesmus and burns in the rectum.
 Bloody, painful stools and burning rectum.
 Acne bites, (after dinner.)
 Varices of the rectum, which prevents stool; large; it hurts; slaughter; burning when touched; it increases with walking, and when he thinks about it.
 Perinaeum extraction. (Fistula ano ano.)

 Pain, and removal of moisture from the part.
 Urine organs
 Frequent and urgent desire to urinate, with thirst and with little urination.
 Urinary incontinence during the day and night; at night, when he sleeps; when you cough, sneeze, and walk.
 Burning urethra when urinating.
 Itching of the urethra orifice.
 The genitals

 Increased smegma regarding glans.
 Torture in the testicles.
 Bag itching.
 Mens is too late, but profuse; the blood is thick.
 It's hard to menstruate for the first time.
 During energy, no blood is transferred at night.
 Back pain, (during semens;) yellowness of the face; vertigo.
 Opposition to unity.
 Leucorrhoea at night.
 Painful, cracked soaps, surrounded by herpes.

 Lack of milk.
 Larynx and trachea
 Burning and stiffness.
 Anger and rudeness, (early morning.)
 Aphonia, (morning,) or due to organ weakness.
 Sore throat pain.
 Connecting mucus very early in the morning.
 Asthma, especially when sitting or lying on the floor.
 Stitching in the sternum, or deep in the chest, during long stimulation.
 Chewing in the chest.
 Burning, texture, and chest pain.
 Heartbeat, with languor.
 Heart texture.
 Tight wear on the chest suppresses breathing.
 Short and dry cough.
 A dry, empty, chest-coughing cough, caused by tickling and mucous membranes in the throat, and the nightly wait, of the acrid-flavored mouth, he can lift, but he must swallow it again.
 Cough, with pain in the waist, with a movement that does not interfere with other urine droplets.
 The cough is worse in the evening until midnight, from breathing; drinking coffee; cold air; air frame; when I woke up.
 The cough is silenced by the cold water swallow.
 Back and neck
 Tightness and stiffness in the neck.
 Swelling, like a rash, in the throat.

 Painful stiffness between the scapulae, and back, especially when you get up from the chair.
 Tens of soft touch and tenderness in the neck.
 Pain, as a result of a neck injury.
 Pulling pulls in the hands and arms.
 Large size and weakness in arms.

 Shaking hands.
 Great size on the right hand.
 Feeling of paralysis in the right hand.
 Feeling full inside the hand when holding anything.
 Inconsistency of the back joints of the fingers when bending them.

 If I have numbness, numbness and stiffness of the fingers.
 Going through the joint-right wrist.
 Sensitivity of hip-joint separation when walking.
 Knee and ankle discomfort.
 Decrease and tension in the heel and tendon Achillis. Source : Dr. LIPPE (M.D)

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