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I'm taking homeopathic medicine since 4 month but recent 10 days I got seizure two times.what can I do ?


I'm taking homeopathic medicine since 4 month but recent 10 days I got seizure two times.what can I do ?

 I'm taking homeopathic medicine since 4 month but recent 10 days I got seizure two times what can I do ?

First of all, have you ever had such a problem before? What is the reason you have been taking homeopathic medicine for 4 months? If you think this problem is due to taking homeopathic medicine, contact your doctor as soon as possible.However, for your convenience, I am talking a little about seizures.

The first question have to ask every time a patient arrives to consult us about a seizure disorder is the reason the patient would like to take treatment. But, even when allopathic seizure treatment is effective, the patient might have other important health issues that may be addressed by means of antidepressant.

What is seizure?

A state of seizure is brought on by an abnormal electric control in the brain. To put it differently, epilepsy is caused by cerebral electric activity of brain which disrupts cerebration (mental activity) and generally causes a sudden fit of epilepsy with lack of consciousness, convulsions and trembling of limbs of their human body.
Epilepsy includes two types-grand mal epilepsy along with petit mal epilepsy. Grand mal epilepsy is the significant epilepsy or it's by far the most serious sort of epilepsy where the victim falls into the floor with convulsions, his limbs jerk, twitch, shake plus he may foam at the mouth together with lack of awareness and also move urine involuntarily.

 Petit mal epilepsy is your little epilepsy, where the victim experiences a brief period of altered awareness, where he appears to be on the planet of his own. His eyes stare, his ideas and activities are interupted, however there isn't any match and convulsion. These two kinds of epilepsy don't have any known causes and are, consequently, known as idiopathic epilepsy, i. e, when these aren't connected with structural damage to the brain.

Sometimes epileptic seizures (fits or abrupt strikes ) follow after brain injury as the result of an injury that's subsequently called post-traumatic epilepsy or as part of a disorder that strikes the structure of their brain that, subsequently, is known as symptomatic epilepsy, that can be a symptom of structural disorder in the brain and temperament of the match is dependent on the location of this disorder in the brain. By way of instance, brain tumour is a brain disorder, causes suits, affects the entire body or only 1 limb based on the region of the brain damaged by this tumour.

Sometimes a patient stems (or is attracted by his parents) for homeopathic treatment of a seizure disorder and isn't being accompanied by a neurologist and isn't carrying allopathic treatment. There's a natural temptation to provide homeopathic treatment before the patient starts allopathic treatment. This isn't highly recommended. One just needs to think about the possibility of sudden, sudden departure in the convulsion to comprehend this information. In the event the parents consult with a neurologist who believes there is not any rush to begin allopathic medications in this specific circumstance, then the professional can move. Furthermore, in the event the allopathic treatment is totally unsuccessful, subsequently, with the permission of the neurologist, the physician might consent to start homeopathic treatment while the patient chooses no allopathic medication.

Normally, the method of treating seizure disorders will be to leave the patient onto his present allopathic routine for six weeks after the start of homeopathic treatment. In this time period, the test of this treatment is created on the grounds of general and psychological improvement. In the event the remedy is apparently acting well after six months, then the patient should have a repeat EEG. If the EEG reveals marked progress, or particularly if no seizure attention is mentioned on the analysis, then the neurologist should be requested for information about tapering or quitting the allopathic medications.

 In case the patient is obviously improved in overall and emotionally, but doesn't have a lot of progress on the EEG, then treatment should last for another six months and then replicate the analysis. We should not alter the remedy when there's marked overall and psychological improvement even when the EEG doesn't improve. Such improvement can nevertheless happen a couple of years following homeopathic treatment has started.

Seizures don't come as an aggravation after the proper homeopathic remedy. Though this occurs less than you might expect, it's still a good idea to take the patient to refrain from driving and also to stay in business for the very first week of treatment.
Another kind of aggravation is that the beginning of a high fever - normally within 102Þ F. In this response that the patient should under no conditions take antipyretic medications or alternative homeopathic remedies.

The potency is selected on the basis of the clarity of this situation in addition to the overall health of the patient. In instances of seizures related to profound psychological pathology (not an unusual occurrence), the first dose has to be relatively large - at 1M. Daily dosages of LM potency may also be utilized.
It's rarely helpful to try to address a situation by repertorizing that the qualities of this convulsions.

Main homoeopathic remedies for seizure : Agaricus muscarius, Absinthium, Artemisia vulgaris ,Argentum nitricum ,Belladonna, Bufo rana ,Calcarea carbonica ,Causticum,Cicuta virosa ,Cuprum metallicum ,Hyoscyamus niger ,Indigo tinctoria,Zincum metallicum Etc .

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