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urinary tract infection causes symptoms and treatment


urinary tract infection causes symptoms and treatment

Urinary tract infections are very common in mature women and may become recurrent. The most usual is cystitis, an infection of the bladder, but infection may happen in any part of the urinary system, such as the kidneys. Infection results from the growth of the gut bacteria inside the urinary system, but oftentimes bacteria are not located on urine culture, even though obvious symptoms of bladder distress. The close proximity of the anus and anus (opening from the bladder) in women allows for the bacterial motion, especially if there's irritation of the fragile perineal tissues.

Urinary tract infections are uncommon in boys and men because of the amount of the urethra. In most cases there is an underlying reason, usually an obstruction to the normal urine flow, or reflux of urine into the kidney. All cases of recognized urinary infection in boys and men should therefore be fully investigated, rather with a urologist. Recurrent infections in girls, more than three within a calendar year, also warrant investigation, although the odds of finding an underlying cause are somewhat less likely. Sometimes, kidney stones or bladder warts may present with recurrent bladder infections.

Homeopathy is used alongside conventional treatment with antibiotics and also for cases where no infection has been located. It can be very valuable in establishing the constitution, thus lowering the danger of recurrence. Additionally, there are many other simple measures that can lower the chances of re-infection.

In all instances of suspected urinary tract infection a detailed history is vital, not least of all to find the proper homeopathic remedy. A urine sample should be sent off for analysis in the lab. A preliminary inspection of the urine is very helpful. A powerful odor, cloudiness or the existence of small amounts of blood are highly suggestive of a fungal infection, but crystal clear urine does not exclude it. The doctor may use a reagent strip to see if there are any pus or blood cells not visible to the naked eye.

In a very simple case of cystitis, when there isn't any fever or obvious overall illness, the GP will often wait for the results of the urine culture before prescribing antibiotics.Homeopathic remedy help patients to overcome distress.

Acute cystitis

The most typical symptoms of a bladder infection are pain on passing urine and frequency of urination, although those are often absent in very young and elderly people. A simple case of cystitis will rarely give much more than a moderate fever and doesn't make the person feel horribly unwell.

Pain may be felt in the urethra, as a burning, scalding feeling and/or as a dull ache in the pelvis. If the pain extends to the loins or the fever is very high, this suggests the infection has maybe ascended into the kidneys (pyelonephritis) and clinical intervention has to be sought desperately. The passage of blood additionally warrants prompt medical care.

Kidney infection may cause scarring of the kidneys and prompt treatment with antibiotics is imperative. It is perfectly safe to use homeopathy alongside antibiotics.
Non--infective cystitis

Many women present with symptoms identical to cystitis but urine culture yields no growth of germs. Often they do undergo courses of antibiotics prescribed that do little to help the symptoms. In some cases there is a local cause such as inflammation of the urethra or bladder (chronic interstitial cystitis), or even the fragile tissues of the perineum. Herpes infection may result in cystitis-like symptoms, as can chronic vaginal discharges or irritation. In the great majority of cases no cause is ever found and the patient has been told she's an"irritable bladder".

Homeopathy can be very helpful in this circumstance, as therapy is aimed at the whole individual rather than the outcomes of one investigation. Careful dietary control may be signaled as some girls do appear to be more sensitive to certain acidic foods. A professional homeopath ought to be consulted.
General management

Drinking large amounts of clean water is vital. A very minor infection may be cleared by this easy action. Coffee and regular tea often aggravate the symptoms, therefore needs to be avoided. Golden seal tea promotes urine flow and can be quite palatable.

Changing the acidity of the urine is useful. Drinking lemon juice or taking tablets of cranberry concentrate, make the urine too acidic for the bacteria to flourish. Some contain considerable amounts of bicarbonate to generate the urine too bloated for the bacteria to thrive.

Patient have to  keep the bladder empty, it may be painful. "Holding on" to urine is only going to make matters worse and promote a more serious infection. If one is more prone to recurrent infections, it is helpful to"double void", which is to return to the bathroom about five minutes after passing urine and empty the bladder again. It is often surprising how much urine was left in the bladder.

In girls infection may be precipitated by sexual intercourse, a state known as"honeymoon cystitis". It is advisable to empty the bladder after intercourse to avoid infection. Sometimes there is no infection, the urethra is annoyed by friction, which can mimic the symptoms. Adequate lubrication and a change in sexual position may often solve this dilemma.

Some girls develop an allergic reaction to the latex of condoms or the spermicide they contain, and this can lead to bladder symptoms. A reversal of contraception may be signaled if this is the case.

Many women get thrush following a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics are not highly selective, they also eliminate the so-called favorable bacteria, and the normal range of bacteria in the intestine is altered. Abnormal germs, thrush and other fungi proliferate, resulting in a condition known as gut dysbiosis. Abdominal bloating, bowel disturbance and food intolerance may lead to, as well as recurrent infections in the urinary system. This also leads to further antibiotic courses, which derange the bacterial content of the gut even more. In these cases homeopathy is tremendously helpful in breaking the vicious circle.

Acidophilus may be prescribed alongside the solution to repopulate the gut with healthful bacteria, as well as remedies and anti-fungals to clear the yeast infection.

It's becoming increasingly common in young girls and may cause fertility problems if left untreated. There's often no associated vaginal discharge and so the infection can go unnoticed. A vaginal swab taken at the neighborhood genitourinary clinic can detect chlamydia and other infections, which will call for specialised antibiotic therapy.

Local irritation of the perineal tissues predisposes to infection. Bubble baths, harsh soaps and deodorants should be avoided, as well as thongs and tight pants. Pure cotton underwear is greatest, as are stockings instead of tights. It is necessary to teach girls to wipe their bottoms from front to back after a stool.
Homeopathic remedies 

Remedy with antidepressant is in two parts: first to take care of the infection, and second to enhance the overall health in order to prevent additional infections.

For a serious attack a comparatively large strength, 30c, is suggested. It may be repeated every hour, diminishing the frequency of this treatment as the symptoms improve. When there's absolutely no improvement after four or three doses, then professional homeopathic treatment ought to be sought.
Arnica montana

Arnica is very helpful for cystitis that happens after bruising harms of the perineum. It's thus suggested for urinary problems after childbirth. There may be difficulty draining the bladder and a few involuntary dribbling.

Sepia is tremendously helpful for recurrent urinary tract infections, particularly if there's also a record of plenty of antibiotic usage and thrush. The girl often loses her libido, because gender is painful and she worries cystitis may result. She's often worn out from the recurrent infections, therefore exhausted by the battle to keep going she yells expressing herself.

The symptoms come on very suddenly and with no warning, often after a fright or vulnerability to cold. Diving into freezing water may cause cystitis. There's a good deal of fear, which may cause retention of urine. There's a sense of pressure in the bladder and burning prior to urination.

This treatment is often prescribed constitutionally for bashful little women with an extremely psychological and varying nature. Since they don't drink much they're more prone to urinary tract infections. Pulsatilla is often prescribed for elderly girls, that are soft and producing personality. They're prone to shout regarding their narrative, and provoke sympathy from the listener. The pain is much worse if bleeding is postponed, and after urination.

Every drop of urine seems just like scalding acid and it may be a lot easier to pass urine at a hot bath. The individual is beside herself with pain also averts drinking so she won't need to pass urine.
Nux vomica

There's extreme chilliness and the individual feels very irritable using all the cystitis. There's constant urging and also a feeling that the bladder is complete, although tiny quantities of urine are passed. This treatment is well suggested when frequency is that the predominate symptom. A constitutional Nux vomica is your normal Type A personality -- driven, ambitious and very aggressive, with a brief fuse.

"Honeymoon cystitis" often responds very well to Staphysagria, as do urinary tract infections which come on after rectal exam, surgery or labor. It's indicated where there's suppressed anger and despair. The anger is concealed, the individual seems light tempered and gentle, however there's often a history of misuse or profound sorrow.

This treatment is often used for infections once the pain comes on following menopause. It's simpler to pass urine whilst standing up and there's a propensity to urinary retention.

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