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how to overcome anxiety fear and depression


how to overcome anxiety fear and depression

Man's most important enemy isn't outside, but within himself. The title of the most important enemy is that the fear of anxious instability. There are a good deal of individuals who do not understand why they are concerned, anxious and fearful. I think that the anxiety of anxious instability stems out of ignorance. If we can not set our own objectives, then we'll maintain a situation such as crossing the sea in a leaky vessel. 

So first we must establish goals. However, if we could mend our personal work then half our difficulties will be solved. We do not think about our activity first we think about the outcome. Suppose a student doesn't research well all year but wishes to succeed in examinations, is that possible? Therefore, in the event that you would like to find great results, you need to study well. 

I won't research but we shall be thinking night and day what are the consequence of the evaluation? What's going to happen? Could I pass? This is the area where instability is born in you, therefore my point is that ought to focus on your studies without worrying much about the evaluation results. You must get the work done now. Then tomorrow will probably be useful for you also. You don't have any worries about the results. 

We must appreciate today, today. Where's our instability created? I couldn't finish today's work nicely but we're thinking about thinking about what's going to happen tomorrow. So determine what your occupation will be right now and focus on such a job and determine if all of your future worries will disappear because now this moment is going to be the long run. Fear and anxiety stem out of our inactivity. Fear will come when we can not do our job correctly, but when we could do the current job at this time, fear will not come, however, your life will be full of joy rather than fear. 

We have to love time since time is past, current is potential. If I will love and appreciate this instant, then the future will probably be valuable to me. Therefore my point is if fear, anxiety and instability have one, then you need to give up future ideas and dedicate yourself to the current. Think of where your issue is. Are you currently suffering from a lot of fear or instability? You might not know, you're the child of pleasure, the child of light. You came to ground for pleasure. Anyway friends, I've said a great deal, should you find my own writing helpful, I'll be blessed. You may contact me should you require assistance. Thank you.

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