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the subtle energy body

the subtle energy body
the subtle energy body 

"The true contribution of all energy is subtle."

(Swami Vivekananda)

What we call the soul is the best, our body is the thickest And what is a person in this small world is also in the universe. Our world is like this, the world is its grossest manifestation, and gradually it passed from one point to another, from the subtle God, subtle to the last.

In addition, we know that the greatest energy is contained in the subtle and not in the gross. When a person lifts a heavy load, their muscles swell and signs of labor appear throughout the body. Seeing all this, we are amazed at what muscle strength is. But it is the nerves, like a thread, that give strength to the muscles. Once an individual muscle is detached from the muscle, it ceases to function. These small nerves recover energy from a subtler object, and this subtle object recovers energy from a subtler object called thought. Gradually, more and more subtle ones came and went. Therefore, the subtle energy source is correct. Of course, we can see movements at the gross level, but we cannot see movements at the subtle level. When a gross object is moving, we can understand it, so we naturally think that the connection between gross and movement is inseparable. But the true supply of all energy is subtle.
the subtle energy body
the subtle energy body 

We don't see any subtle movement. Maybe we can't feel it because the speed is so fast. But if we can grasp the causal forces of external phenomena with the help of any science or research, then the manifestations of energy will also be under our control. The bubble forms from the bottom of the lake. I never see it when I get up

Thoughts also come to life after a thought has reached a significant degree or after it has turned into action.


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