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use fresh start tool and clean up windows 10 like new

Use Windows 10's built-in Fresh Start Tool and clean up Windows and make your PC look like new.

Usually when we buy a new laptop or PC, the company or the store installs some additional software, that software is not useful to us. Sometimes it happens that some settings have been changed that we cannot easily discover, but changing these settings is causing many problems on our PC. In fact, even if they don't cause any problems, they will still take up a lot of space on your PC or laptop's hard drive.

You can uninstall junk software on your computer one by one, but in many cases it is not easy to do. You will have to wait a long time to uninstall each software and these software files, registry and other settings on drive C may not be visible to you. However, you can uninstall junk software using third-party software, without the hassle of third-party software, you can easily restore your Windows to configuration state through the handy built-in tools of Windows 10.

With Microsoft Windows 10's built-in new startup tools, you can return your Windows 10 operating system to a full configuration state. This will remove all third-party software, like junk software, but Windows will have the default tools.

If you want to run the Fresh Start tool, please back up your documents, software and other necessary files. And as a result, you will recover your Windows 10 by default, so back it up or delete the files you choose.

And for this reason, after purchasing a new computer or laptop, it is best to clean it with the Fresh Start tools. Because junk software slows down computer work.

How to use Fresh Start tools

After clicking the Start button, you will see a new Fresh Start Tools window on your computer screen. From this screen you can know what software or files will be removed from your computer, now click on the Next button. Since the names of the software being removed are known, once your computer is clean, you can reinstall that software again. Now click on the Next button and then start the cleaning process of your computer by clicking on the Start button.



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