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the power of meditation

the power of meditation
the power of meditation
 the power of meditation

"We must live a life in which we can walk beyond all circumstances."

(Swami Turianandaji Maharaj)

Once the latent power of the mind is revealed through meditation, a lasting unity comes into our personality. Such a cohesive, harmonious personality does not last long in emotional turmoil, frustration or insecurity. The priceless blessing of endless peace is achieved by the mind

One thing we can think of is that we are ordinary people, is it possible for us to rise to such heights? We need to keep in mind that we can only think of ourselves as normal if we take this cage of body and mind into consideration. In fact, behind this mortal, temporary cage is the present divine, radiant being. This is a huge store of energy We are hypnotized by the thought that we are weak, limited and imperfect But Swamiji wants us to hypnotize ourselves by thinking that we are Divya, Devopam, that is, we are not exactly "Jiva", we are "Sachchidanandasvarupa Chidanandarupa Shibohaham". When we can concentrate on this thought through endless meditation, the external world can no longer disturb the mind. Unnecessary excitement over trivial, unreasonable matters can no longer touch the mind

Swami Shivanandaji says that once he is immersed in meditation, the pain of the external world can no longer touch him. Swami Turianandaji also repeatedly said, "We should live a life so that we can walk above all situations." It is not right to think that life will always go smoothly, change in life is inevitable It is easy to maintain peace of mind in favorable circumstances, but if we can maintain peace in adversity, then we will understand how strong we are. Life is full of blows, blows and blows Meditation awakens the latent energy of our hearts so that we can stand strong against this backlash. We have the power to overcome anxiety Is it possible to solve the real problems of life by weakening or destroying our concentration?

Through meditation we connect with the omnipotence in our hearts and this is the path to fulfillment in our lives. This life of ours, illuminated by the promise of divinity, can fail if the conflicts and crises of existence scatter it. An angry, restless mind, a fire of sorrow and regret, seems to be able to control and correct such a mind only through meditation. So that we can earn income from this education and practice

Once we can match this truth with our lives, we become 'lifeless' It is universally true that the mind can bind us as well as liberate us The mind that becomes sensible, uncontrolled, easily agitated and agitated brings bondage, slavery and misery. But a strictly trained mind frees us from life

This is the goal of this human birth, which is due to the infinite mercy of Sri Sri Thakur

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