cystitis causes symptoms prognosis homeopathic treatment

cystitis causes symptoms prognosis homeopathic treatment
cystitis causes symptoms prognosis homeopathic treatment
 cystitis causes symptoms prognosis homeopathic treatment 


CYSTITIS is Inflammation of the bladder (urinary bladder) may be acute or chronic.


CAUSES (i) By bacterial infection or septic infection which produces inflammation of bladder or pus in urine (ii) by the presence of stone in bladder (iii) Urethral infection and inflammation extended to urinary bladder, more and frequently is seen in females, as the urethra is short (iv) Retention of urine in the bladder causes cystitis (v) Cystitis by the action of strong acting drugs cause scanty urination and retain the urine in bladder for more than normal period, that urine becomes acidic and irritent, corrosive in nature thereby causes inflammation in the bladder. (vi) Cystitis is also caused by an injury to the bladder.


 (1) Frequent urging of urination or constant desire to pass urine.
 (2) Fequent urination, urine passes drop by drop.
 (3) Sharp, Cutting, tearing, shooting burning pains during urination.
 (4) Passing of blood with urine.
 (5) Cramps like pain in the lower abdomen- persisting after the bladder has been emptied, 
 (6) Fever, with rectal and vesical (bladder) tenesmus;
 (7) Pain in the supra-pubic region, radiating to all directions, to the end of penis, down the thighs, worse by motion, when the bladder is full of urine, and better after urination.
 (8) Urine contains blood, mucus, pus, calculi-crystals etc.


(1) Pain is less severe and there is less tenesmus;
 (2) Mucus, pus and albumin are present in large amount;
 (3) Weakness and emaciation may follow;
 (4) Straining and pain in bladder is due to enlarged prostate glands and pain in the bladder is relieved by urination.

The following REMEDIES are the diagnostic cures for Cystitis.
 1. (i) FP6X, KM3X, KS3X, NM3X, NS3X,  in cystitis, with fever, burning, cutting, tearing pains after urination.
 (ii) FP6X, KM3X, CP3X, KP3X, NS3X,  In cystitis, without fever, with cutting, tearing, burning pains, during urination. Cutting pain in bladder is due to the presence of stone- with frequent urging to urinate.

2. Cystitis with fever, and strangury (slow and painful micturition) Acon, Ars, Bell, Canth, Gels, Hydrang, Sul, Tarent.

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